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Terms Of Services

Terms of services

Terms of services:

To protect your rights, please read the all content of terms of services.

1. Recognition and acceptance of terms

When you register to become a member, you are able to use all the games and service provided by PlayComet. And we can judge that you have read, understood and agree to the regulation. When members use the service, it means to abide by the terms of service, but also agreed to accept the member principles of PlayComet (including rules of the game, service center, notices and other individual service specification) and comply with relevant laws requirements.

If you are under the age of twenty, in addition to meeting the above requirements, and should be your parents (or legal representative or guardian) have read, understood and agree to the terms of service, you can continue to make use of this service.

2. Update and amend the terms of service

PlayComet reserves the adding and modifying of the terms of the members and the any of the terms. When the terms of service have some amend, PlayComet will announce changes on the home page of the website. And we will not give individual notice. If you do not agree to the content above, please do not continue to use the service. If you are to use of this service, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the revised terms.

3. Member responsibilities and obligations

a. You agree that the registration login is to your correct, complete real personal information. If the data has changed, you should be kept in the online update. When the personal information or the original login information no longer meet the real but not update, or any misleading, PlayComet will remain the right of terminating your membership and use of service at any time.

  • B.1. Members shall not use the service for any commercial activity.
  • B.2. In addition to compliance with the terms of service, you agree to abide by conventions and the international use of the Internet courtesy of the relevant regulations.
  • B.3. Members shall not use the service to send and publish involving abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, offensive of the articles or pictures.
  • B.4. Member agrees to fully respect the intellectual property rights, prohibiting the publication of the infringement of intellectual property or other rights of the text, pictures or any kind of file.
  • C.1. You know when you become a member after that start using this service, the ownership is still belonged to PlayComet. Members only may use their service according to these terms of contract. Members could not rent, lend, transfer or conveyance their IDs to another one.
  • C.2. Members have to keep the accounts, passwords and other member information, and have to be responsible for all activities of the accounts.
  • C.3. If you find that your account or password being used illegally, you should immediately report to PlayComet. However, if your custody for negligence, which led to accounts, passwords illegal used by others, PlayComet will not be responsible for dealing with this.

4. Liability Limitation of Member Recharge

A member can recharge Comet Points to use the service. After you know the recharged points paid for services cannot be cancelled, changed, refunded or transferred to others.

If you use false manner to recharge, PlayComet reserves the right to terminate your membership and your right to use this service and holds related liability.

5. Service termination and change

If members have any of the following circumstances, PlayComet has the right to terminate or change any of the member account of the service, and without prior notice.

  • * 1. Use the false personal information to register.
  • * 2. Use the name of “PlayComet” or the similar name to register.
  • * 3. Use characters other than English letters and numbers, or profanity as the name.
  • * 4. Make fraudulent use of another person’s name to apply for the ID.
  • * 5. Recharge through false unjust manner.
  • * 6. Violate the terms of service

6. Suspension or interruption of service

Any of the following situations happens, PlayComet has the right to suspend or discontinue the service in whole or in part:

  • 1. The hardware and software of the service and electronic communication equipment maintenance and construction.
  • 2. Occurrence of sudden hardware and software equipment and electronic communications equipment failure.
  • 3. Due to natural disasters and other force majeure factors have led the service cannot provide services.
  • 4. In case of emergency to safeguard other members or third persons, the integrity of data security.

7. Rights of service change

PlayComet will keep the right of adding, modifying, or deleting all or part of the service without prior individual notice. Members shall not therefore require any compensation or damages.

8. Responsibility

According to the current schemes of PlayComet, this service is provided to certain users with specific requests; meeting your requiremnts of this service is not guaranteed by PlayComet.

The service may have software or hardware failure caused by itself or related reasons, or other unavailable problems of disruption, delay, error or attacked by the third party. For the above problems PlayComet will not say that the service does not have any disruption or delay. The users shall know that the service may have some uncertain situations and cause loss, which cannot be the reason of asking for pay back.

9. Copyrights

All works and information on this website, the copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights belong to PlayComet. If not authorized by PlayComet in advance, the users cannot use, transfer, edit, or modify the works or articles in any way.