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Background: To ensure your personal information maintain privacy to the Internet, PlayComet will absolutely respect and protect your privacy. To help you understand how we collect, use and take protection of personal information you provide and other matters, please read the privacy rules.

1. The purpose of data collection

When you register as our member, the site will ask you to provide personal information, including name, identification number, address, telephone, electronic mail, etc. We used this information to assist you in buying, recording props, cumulating points, transferring messages and so on.

2. The use of Cookies

o provide better personal service, this site may use cookies to store and sometimes track information about the user's data. The cookies used on this website are based on: estimated number of visitors and browse modes. This information is only for commercial and market analysis or academic purposes. Cookies may also be used as a third party, such as advertising services company set up advertising on our website, these advertising companies cannot use cookies to collect information relevant to your personally identifiable information, and the advertising individuals can use this information as analysis of marketing targets and assess their influence, with all the information only for data analysis.

3. Information sharing

PlayComet will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to other organizations or individuals except in the following cases. PlayComet will due to the principle of this policy to share with third parties your personal information.

  • * 1. In order to provide you with other services or preferential rights, which need to provide the information related to the service, in this case PlayComet will provide the full description of the event on the website, you can freely choose whether to accept the specific services or concessions.
  • * 2. If we find that your behaviors on the site illegal, based on considerations of public safety, PlayComet will provide relevant information with the assistance of judicial investigation.

4. Linked Sites

Other sites we provide may have their own statements or use different rules. Please be sure to understand their own care as PlayComet will not protect users’ privacy in those sites.

5. Self-protection measures

Please keep your account number and password or any personal information, do not tell any personal information to any person. If you share a computer with others or use the public computer, make sure to remember to log out, and remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or messages.

6. Privacy Statement Changes

PlayComet retains the right to modify, add, or delete the privacy statements at any time. The effective date begins on day when the notice is published.